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So what’s this all about?

That’s possibly what you are thinking right now. What is she on about with a blog called ‘Just give’? Don’t worry, I am about to tell you. It’s about giving back and appreciating what you have. I was watching a Ted video on Youtube while having lunch the other day (like any normal person :P). It was a video on how to be happy every day. See, I am generally a happy person. But does that mean I am not gonna watch something if it tells me I could be happier? No, of course not. If you wanna watch it before I spoil it for you, here is the link:

As you can see, it’s all about doing a good deed and giving back. I know everyone has a different perception of happiness and a different scale to measure it. But I am someone who loves to spend my time volunteering. I have always tried to volunteer regularly in every city I have lived since I was 17. And you know what, it really makes me happy. It’s part of me, it’s part of my social life. Sure I enjoy a gin with friends at the pub but helping someone, doing something good, it genuinely peaks my happy hormones. It makes my day. I have learned so many new things from people I wouldn’t have met if it wasn’t for volunteering. Some left lasting impressions, some just passed by, some became my friends in that city and sometimes the feelings stabbed me right in my heart because I couldn’t imagine how they survived and still do. The thing is, even the smallestĀ of things bring happiness to some people and you will be happy too, believe me. Perhaps you already know this. I can totally relate to that kid in the video. So, it’s a win-win.

Now, she mentions the Give 365 project/ challenge in her video. There is a website on it and it’s brilliant (link below). I thought, hey, I should do something like that. It looks cool. But here is the thing, I am a full-time university student, the typical ‘skint at the end of the month’ type. I don’t have the stuff to donate to an animal shelter, I can’t just buy a dozen blankets and distribute it to people on the streets or some of the other projects which the students undertook in schools and worst of all, I probably won’t have time every day a year to do something after work and uni. And I am pretty sure, many of you are thinking the same and can relate to me. But here is the catch, it doesn’t have to be any of that. I have been reading up on their projects and other ideas to ‘give’. It can be intimidating if you really wanna help and give but you are just stuck and confused because you don’t have the financial resources or as much time. I have decided to research on it, find ideas and opportunities (where you don’t have to commit regularly), try it out and filter to suit people like me and you, who are probably super busy, have loads of stuff to do but very little time and financially just getting by. I am gonna start with the list on their website (link below) and see how many of those I can fit into my schedule. So here we go…

For now, it is not going to be every day for a year but as much as I can. And feel free to share ideas with me, to send me your experiences because I would love to hear about it all. I am really looking forward to seeing and experiencing what’s waiting for me xD





Just a happy hooman xD

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